She's Archer's mother, she's Archer's boss, and she's on first-name terms with the bottom of the Campari bottle.


As ISIS's Chief Executive Officer and Stone-Cold Bitch In Charge, Malory Archer governs her employees with harsh criticism, raw commentary and belligerent vilification - and almost always while clutching something 50% proof in her perfectly manicured talons.

Malory is Sterling's mother. The kind of mother who keeps an "erotic" painting of herself with her dog (deceased) above her bed. She's also a former spy, but was way too busy getting her jollies with the KGB to make her son's packed lunches when he was growing up. And, oh brother, it shows...

Most likely to say: "Oh, for sh*t's sake."

Comedy geeks will recognise the inimitable Jessica Walter - otherwise known as Lucille Bluth on Arrested Development - providing Malory's voice.