Pam is ISIS's director of HR. So, naturally, she hates everyone. Herself included.


An ocean liner of greed, spite, unfairness, touchiness, misanthropy, neurosis and schadenfreude, all squeezed into a not-quite-plus-sized-enough suit. No wonder Pam's so popular.

As is the norm for a human resources director, Pam hates nearly everyone, and isn't afraid to demonstrate her distaste for her fellow species in a variety of unusual ways - often involving the assistance of a cheerful, dolphin-shaped glove puppet. Also, despite her job, she's the last person you'd want to talk to about sexual harassment in the workplace. Unless, of course, you fancy letting her give you a little extra for free.

Most likely to say: "Don't give me the reversing truck noise, Karen Carpenter's stunt double."

A relatively new name on the TV circuit, Amber Nash has appeared in several comedy shorts as well as voiced several characters on the Adult Swim animated series Frisky Dingo.