Series 3 - Episode 9: Crossing Over

Episode 9: Crossing Over

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ISIS are charged with protecting a KGB general who has defected, but Archer’s concentration is elsewhere after he has the best sex of his life.

Sterling pieces together the events of the night before as he wakes up with a hangover for company. He went to the funeral of an ISIS agent where he made a play for the widow, then rode on the bonnet of a cab to a strip joint before having the best sex of his life. But who was that with? The answer is in the bathroom – Pam.

Archer and Pam find themselves reliving the tryst, but their insatiability leads to its own set of problems...

Nikolai Jakov has defected from the KGB now that Bionic Barry has assumed control, and is being held in a safe house being guarded by ISIS. But Barry is on Nikolai’s trail and has a very devious plan to get rid of him which involves some gas, some ice, a microwave and a fork.

Will Archer keep his hands off Pam long enough to protect Nikolai? Is Nikolai really Sterling’s father? And what is in a Green Russian?

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