Series 1 - Episode 10: Dial M for Mother

Episode 10: Dial M for Mother

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We all know that Malory played a pint-sized part in Archer’s childhood. But, in this episode, a more pertinent question rears its head – who’s the daddy? Although legend has it that Sterling was sired by the curiously-named John Fitzgerald Archer, his mattress-backed mother frankly doesn’t have a clue. It could be her KGB associate, Nikolai; a rival at ODIN; or even the drummer Buddy Rich. Turns out she isn’t fussy. It also turns out that her long-standing wanton streak indirectly sends Archer on a mission to kill - as well as to a bullet from a very unlikely source…

Speaking of people with anti-discriminatory sexual standards, it transpires that the gormless IT berk Cyril has been dinging the vast majority of ISIS’s female workforce – despite the fact that a) he's entirely resistable, and b) he's been dating the gorgeous Lana. Deciding that two can play his game, Lana – a woman brimming with sexual currency – decides to take revenge, and sets about adding as many colleague-shaped notches to her bedpost as possible.

Naturally, HR steamboat Pam is first in the queue to jump the Amazonian agent’s bones. But will Lana let her standards slip that far? And will any of them live to tell their tales by the end of this, the final episode of the first series?

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