Series 3 - Episode 3: Heart of Archness Part 3

Episode 3: Heart of Archness Part 3

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Finding a convenient helicopter during her escape from a prison cell, Lana takes out her frustrations by using the chopper's machine gun on the teams taking part in Pangu Island's Lacrosse Final. But none of these events are half as shocking as what Pam and Cyril end up doing on the desk back at ISIS headquarters.

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Comments (5)

  • Steven Brook

    2 years ago

    Steven Brook

    its" miss gillettes on her own"

  • Saul Clayton

    2 years ago

    Saul Clayton

    I'm not readin'! Well annoyin'. Someone fight me...

  • MRStraw777

    2 years ago


    she says that ray is Mr. lets not her own so probaly a gay joke

  • fagus1

    2 years ago


    Poor Ray. No idea what the line at 00:46 is.

  • Nick

    2 years ago


    Can anybody figure out what the line is at 00:46? I can't quite get it and it's driving me crazy.