Series 3 - Episode 11: Skin Game

Episode 11: Skin Game

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Krieger has been working on a pet project at home – Katya. Yes, the Katya that Sterling was engaged to and who threw herself to her death taking Barry the assassin with her. Krieger scooped her up and has given her a full cyborg makeover. Sterling falls in love all over again, but the course of true love never did run smooth…

Even though Sterling has had a problem with mechanical devices ever since his 13-year-old self had a coming-together with a vacuum cleaner he asks Katya to marry him again. However, Krieger bought her mother board from the KGB, which leads Bionic Barry to their nuptials.

Who gets to interface with Katya? Will Sterling ever trust a machine again? And how can you tell when Krieger is happy?

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