Autopsy: Anna Nicole Smith's Last Hours

Autopsy: Anna Nicole Smith's Last Hours

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In the third of three hour-long documentaries, world-renowned forensic pathologist Dr Richard Shepherd (who was appointed to the inquest into the deaths of Diana, Princess of Wales and Dodi Al Fayed and led the forensic review into the death of Dr David Kelly) separates fact from fiction as he investigates the deaths of Anna Nicole Smith.

She was the embodiment of the American dream. Her breast implant-fuelled journey from small-town stripper to Playboy pin up, Guess Jeans supermodel and Hollywood movie star captured the public imagination. But it was her marriage to a billionaire 67 years her senior that brought her global notoriety and started her on a downward path that led to her death in a Florida hotel room at the age of just 39.

The evidence revealed by her autopsy tells a heartbreaking story of hard living and hard luck. Her swollen liver, damaged lungs and injection-riddled buttocks all bear testimony to the addictions and
behaviours that blighted her life. Coursing around her veins were prescription medications and the sedative that killed her idol, Marilyn Monroe.

The most extraordinary revelations offered by the autopsy, however, are the unusual cause of the mystery infection that contributed to her death, and the previously undiagnosed condition that could go a long way towards explaining many of the tragic events of her life.