Baby Face Brides

Baby Face Brides

Baby Face Brides

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“When we met I would have been 15 and Aaron would have been 16…We had a lot in common – dancing all night, drinking all night,” says Rebecca, who was pregnant when the pair got together. Now, two years later, they are about to get married. “It wasn’t the most romantic. He was rather drunk after a night out,” she says of Aaron’s proposal. “I tried to bend down on one knee but ended up lying backwards…” he explains. “When someone proposes to you it, it doesn’t matter how it’s done, it’s just lovely,” says Rebecca.

Being under 18 at the time, Rebecca needed written consent from her mum, Kathleen. “She went off the rails a little bit when she was about 14, but since she’s met Aaron she’s actually gone back in the right direction,” says mum. “I wasn’t too sure because I thought she was a little too young to get married. But then I thought…she’s going to be 18 in six months and she’s going to do it anyway then.” The couple have a budget of £2,000 for their big day.

Lauren (18) was with her boyfriend for just four months before he proposed. “You can’t really put a price on a wedding, well, not the marriage part anyway,” she says, having acquired some funding for the ceremony from her family. “I just can’t wait to call her my wife,” says 19-year-old Duncan.

“I can’t believe it, I just can’t believe it. I just want her to be a baby still, not grown up,” says Irene, Lauren’s mum. Irene’s concerns come from the fact that she was married and divorced at a young age, but at 18 Lauren believes she is old enough to make her own decisions. Super-organised Lauren takes control of every detail of their day.

Emmie (17) and Ryan (20) met when she was 15. “I didn’t think it was going to last that long. I just thought it would be one of those silly relationships,” she says. Unemployed Ryan saved up £99 for Emmie’s ring. Ryan’s mum Debbie and his grandmother Sylvia have taken control of organising the big day.

Will Lauren’s detailed plans fall into place? Will Rebecca’s £56 dress arrive from China in time for the ceremony?Will she be able to say the word ‘solemnly’? And will Emmie be able to squeeze into her old prom dress?