BAMMA 10: Live Mixed Martial Arts

BAMMA 10: Live Mixed Martial Arts

BAMMA 10: Live Mixed Martial Arts

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5* presents live coverage of two highly anticipated mixed martial arts bouts from London’s Wembley Arena. Challenger Andre Winner takes on BAMMA’s World Lightweight Champion Rob Sinclair. Also, witness the BAMMA-Lonsdale British Middleweight title fight between Andrew Punshon and reigning champ Jack Marshman.

Europe’s leading mixed martial arts promotion, BAMMA, hosts the much-anticipated clash between BAMMA’s World Lightweight Champion Rob Sinclair and challenger, Andre Winner.

Hailing from Burnley in Lancashire, Sinclair’s performance to date is reflected in a 11-2-0 record. Beating Nathan Beer for the world title at BAMMA 2, Sinclair went on to defend the belt against Daniel Weichel at BAMMA 3 and Diego Vital at BAMMA 7. The BAMMA 10 square off will see Sinclair look to again defend his title against an internationally renowned talent.

Leicester fighter Andre Winner returns to BAMMA for a third time, following victories against Jason Ball at BAMMA 7 and Diego Gonzalez at BAMMA 8. Gaining recognition for his part in the TV series, ‘The Ultimate Fighter: United States vs. United Kingdom’, Winner’s outstanding skills saw him fight five times at the UFC before being snapped up by BAMMA.

Also on the BAMMA 10 card is the BAMMA Lonsdale British Middleweight title bout. The contest sees Sunderland’s ferocious Andrew Punshon challenge serving paratrooper Jack Marshman for the belt, in what is expected to be a hard-hitting and dynamic contest.

Army boxer Marshman showed his mettle at BAMMA 7when he turned the fight around in the last hour to earn the British title and went on to successfully defend the belt against Leeroy Barnes at BAMMA 8.Marshman’s sole loss in his 10-1-0 record came at the hands of Tom ‘Kong’ Watson at BAMMA 9 where Marshman challenged Kong for the World Middleweight title. A tough and resilient fighter with an exemplary striking game, Marshman is a firm fan favourite. With the support of the British Forces behind him, the atmosphere when Marshman takes to the cage is never short of compelling.

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  • GwanFather

    1 year ago


    If you're having problems streaming this or anything else from Channel 5, disable your anti virus and firewall. Worked for me. Not sure why though!

  • Thomas

    1 year ago


    PLEASE PLEASE keep showing BAMMA events, also you should definately show old UFC events and old Ultimate Fighter, looooooooooads of people would watch it

  • DuckNDiveFights

    over 1 year ago


    fantastic event, nice to see more media coverage!

  • Dan

    over 1 year ago


    Great job by channel 5 & bamma. as good as any ufc show i ever seen. huge mma fan & loved the fights! good job guys

  • Fujimi

    over 1 year ago


    works perfect :-) good event, watched it live decided to watch again

  • marc

    over 1 year ago


    what the hell whys it so slow???

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  • bob

    over 1 year ago


    seems 2 be laggin slow as hell..

  • ryan

    over 1 year ago


    is it me or is any 1 else havng probs watching this. i wanna see the petley fight

  • dale

    over 1 year ago


    wens this cuming on ?

  • mike

    over 1 year ago


    Jeremy Petley fight = insnae!