• The Christmas Tree

    The Bananas get into big trouble when they try to help decorate the Cuddlestown Christmas Tree.

  • Holes Galore

    Some mysterious holes suddenly appear in the park.

  • Mrs Rat Takes Over

    Rat's mum arrives for her annual summer visit.

  • Rat the Clown

    Rat tells everyone that he wants to enrol at a clown school.

  • The Missing Page

    The Bananas search for the last page of a book.

  • The Grumpy Rat

    Rat's special napping chair needs repairing and his attempts to fix it keep failing. When Rat goes without his naps he becomes very grumpy indeed.

  • The Banana Buggy

    When Charlie sees the Bananas struggling to carry some groceries home, he decides to help them out. He invents a car for them - the Banana Buggy!

  • The Secret Ingredient

    Rat drinks a jug of lemonade that the Bananas have made - not realising that they have just dropped a smelly old kitchen sponge into it by mistake.

  • The Submarine

    When the Bananas see a picture of a submarine and Rat explains that it is part of an advert, the Bananas decide to buy one - but they are in for a shock.

  • Super Job Morgan

    Morgan wants a book about his hero, 'Super Bear', but he does not have enough honey cakes to buy one. The Bananas have an idea that might help.

  • The Shell

    Playing on the beach, Rat and Topsy find a pretty shell.

  • The Playzone

    The Bananas make a paper plane that flies over Cuddlestown.

  • Promises

    Rat tries to get things from others but is in for a shock.

  • The Inventing Bananas

    The Bananas want to be inventors like Charlie.

  • The Floating Bananas

    The Bananas see a honey cake floating in a jar.

  • The Big Cheese

    Rat talks the Bananas into searching for the Big Cheese.

  • The Dragon's Egg

    The Bananas think that they have found the egg of a dragon.

  • Rat and the Jelly

    Rat wants a jelly meant for someone else.

  • Charlie's Holiday

    The Bananas decide to organise a holiday for Charlie.

  • The Ping Pong Hiccups

    The Bananas suddenly develop a bad case of hiccups.

  • Pedro's New Mud

    Pedro the pig tries to find some new mud to play in.

  • The Honking Bananas

    The Bananas lose their voices after yelling too loudly.

  • The Babysitting Bananas

    The Bananas look after Peck's ducklings for the day.

  • The Cushion

    The Bananas spill some juice on one of Bernard's cushions.

  • Morgan the Magnificent

    The Bananas discover that Morgan wants to be a magician.

  • Cuddlestown's Big Thing

    Rat wants more people to visit Cuddlestown and his shop.

  • Rat's New Hat

    Rat is distraught when his hat is damaged.

  • Golfing Rat

    Rat's flying golf balls cause chaos in Cuddlestown.

  • Morgan the Bear

    Morgan wants to be one a grizzly bear, not a teddy.

  • The Snippys are Coming

    The Bananas cause a panic when they muddle up a message.

  • The Rainmakers

    It's hot, but it's raining on B1 and B2.