Series 1 - Episode 1: Soldiers Behind Bars

Soldiers Behind Bars

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Chris Terrill meets a number of ex-servicemen guilty of serious violent crimes. Military veterans now constitute the largest occupational group in the British prison system. Travelling to two of Scotland's most notorious prisons, HMP Shotts and YOI Polmont, Chris talks to a number of inmates from the Forces.

First, Chris meets Darren, an 18-year-old who joined the army to escape Glasgow's gang culture. He became an army boxing champion, but he's now serving three years for putting someone in a coma after a fight.

Chris also meets Mickey, who became depressed after leaving the army, but he felt unable to ask anyone for help and is now serving 18 years for shooting a passenger in his car. He also talks to Tom who was drawn into a drinking culture in the army, but left when he became an alcoholic. Tom's life fell apart and he ended up seriously injuring the mother of his children.

Finally, Chris talks to Keith, serving life for killing his drinking partner. While in prison Keith discovered an extraordinary talent for painting and is able to express his guilt and remorse through his art. By coincidence, Keith also discovered a former colleague from the army is also at the prison...

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