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Dick Strawbridge challenges a team of modern-day engineers to rebuild some of history’s most impressive machines.

Comments (9)

  • Raymond

    2 months ago


    Seriously? I can't even watch the trailer!

  • Ceris

    1 year ago


    Why has this great program disappeared !

  • John T. Lewis

    1 year ago

    John T. Lewis

    Very odd, launch a new series show two episodes then expunge it from the listings - I wonder what the ancestors would have made of it! Strange way to run a tv channel.

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  • Damian McAleese

    1 year ago

    Damian McAleese

    Why is the rest of the series not scheduled. i can find no information on when or if the remainder of the series is to be aired.

  • Peter

    1 year ago


    Interesting show which I have just caught up on---why is it not being shown on TV anymore?

  • Valerie Allen

    1 year ago

    Valerie Allen

    Really enjoying the show, although I am slightly biased, Jamie is my step son!!!

  • Kevin Legg

    1 year ago

    Kevin Legg

    Couldn't agree more :-)

  • Chris hill

    1 year ago

    Chris hill

    Looks like a great show ;)