Ben Fogle's Animal Clinic

Series 1 - Episode 1

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Ben Fogle goes behind the scenes of the University of Liverpool's Leahurst campus, home to one of the UK's top veterinary colleges, to follow the daily dramas and dilemmas that come with treating some of the 10,000 animals that come through the doors every year.

In the opening episode, equine surgeon Neil Townsend faces a life-threatening emergency when a horse named Scrumpy Jack arrives showing extreme signs of the potentially fatal colic.

In the Small Animal Hospital, a bearded collie named Norah is cardiologist Hannah Stephenson’s latest patient. The dog has an ominous tumour shape on her heart and her owner Andrea is devastated as she lost another dog to cancer just two weeks ago. Can an innovative course of treatment save Norah?

At Chester Zoo, orthopaedic surgeon Rob Pettitt is called in to help treat a baby blackbuck antelope with a dislocated toe. Working alongside the zoo vets, Rob pulls out all the stops to heal the blackbuck, but this case turns out to be more complicated than it seemed.

Meanwhile, farm vet Amy Gillespie is called out to treat two hens that are not laying eggs.

  • Series 1 - Episode 2

    Ben witnesses a complex operation to pin together a puppy's fractured leg, and a herd of hefty sheep need some advice about their weight.

    Available until 20:00 6 Nov 2014

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