Costa Del Casualty: Benidorm ER

Series 1 - Episode 3

Episode 3

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This week, the Clinica Benidorm team tend to a toddler that has a nasty fall by a swimming pool. Two-year-old Paul is rushed into A&E, and his concerned parents pray that his injuries are not too serious.

Meanwhile, Mary from Broadstairs has broken her ankle and faces a major procedure that will be undertaken by trauma surgeon Dr Antonio. He may look more like a biker, but appearances can be deceptive. This leather-clad fan of Harley-Davidsons is a highly skilled and busy doctor who sees up to 30 patients a day.

Elsewhere, 78-year-old Marian from North Shields has fainted in her hotel. It is her 59th wedding anniversary, but poor Marian gets the news that she has had a small stroke.

The doctors also patch up 18-year-old rugby player Jamie who has damaged his foot by accidentally kicking a metal pole. The medics order an alcohol-free night, but can Jamie stay off the beer?


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