• Episode 9: Mountain Climbers

    Mountain Climbers: Bert and Ernie go mountain climbing in the Alps and meet Heidi, whose goat causes mayhem when it tries to eat Ernie's cuckoo clock.

    Available until 23:59 30 Jun 2016

  • Episode 8: Secret Agents

    Secret Agents: The loveable pair from 'Sesame Street' are secret agents on a mission to stop Dr Nose from putting fake noses everywhere!

    Available until 23:59 30 Jun 2016

  • Episode 7: Cavemen

    Cavemen: A prehistoric Bert and Ernie come across a giant egg while looking for food. But all is not as it seems when the egg hatches into a baby dinosaur...

  • Episode 6: Pigeonia

    Pigeonia: Claymation featuring Bert and Ernie from 'Sesame Street'. Bert, Ernie and Bernice search for the Golden Pigeon of Pigeonia using a belly dancing camel and a magic carpet.

  • Episode 2: Tiny Town

    Tiny Town: Bert and Ernie view the world from a different perspective when they shrink to a tiny size. They have fun in a toy car and a puppy mistakes Bert for a toy.

  • Episode 1: Pirates

    Pirates: Bert and Ernie find out there's hidden treasure to be found on a magical island. With the help of a map owned by Bert's Uncle Albert they head off to face a storm.

  • Episode 52: Gopher Broke

    Gopher Broke: Claymation. Rubber Duckie falls into a gopher tunnel during a picnic with Bert and Ernie. The posable protagonists must go underground to rescue their avian associate.

    Available until 23:59 30 Jun 2016

  • Episode 51: Donnie Quixote

    Donnie Quixote: Claymation. Squires Bert and Ernie must help the famous knight Donnie Quixote find his glasses.

    Available until 23:59 30 Jun 2016

  • Episode 50: Under The Sea

    Under the Sea: Claymation. Bert and Ernie uncover an environmental problem during a diving trip. Ethel the mermaid is suffering because Bob keeps dumping his rubbish in the ocean.

  • Episode 49: Dr. Birdwhistle

    Dr Birdwhistle: Claymation. Secret agents Bert and Ernie parachute into the Guatemalan jungle on a mission to stop the evil Dr Birdwhistle.

  • Episode 48: Dustbusters

    Dustbusters: Claymation. The plasticine pair are professional cleaners confident that no job is too large.

  • Episode 47: Raiders Of The Lost Duckies

    Claymation. Bert and Ernie set off in search of the Wise Old Duck - a mysterious bird reported to have the answer to any question.

  • Episode 46: Three Duck-Keteers

    Claymation. The king eats all the queen's birthday cake - and she is very angry!

  • Episode 4: Planet Bert

    Planet Bert: Claymation featuring Bert and Ernie from 'Sesame Street'. Bert and Ernie don their astronaut gear and take a trip into space.

  • Episode 45: Flower Shop

    Claymation. Bert and Ernie are excited by their new job at an exotic flower stall, but there is a lot to remember about how to care for all the special plants.

  • Episode 39: Car Mechanics

    Car Mechanics: Claymation. Bert and Ernie are mechanics who need to fix a customer's car, but working out what's wrong with it proves to be a problem!

  • Episode 38: On The Island

    On the Island. In Hawaii, Bert and Ernie are having fun floating on an air mattress, until they realise that they've drifted out to sea! How will they get back to the mainland?

  • Episode 37: Inventing The Wheel

    Inventing the Wheel. Bert and Ernie are cavemen and, as they build a dino house for Spot, their pet dinosaur, they invent a few other things in the process!

  • Episode 36: Raincloud

    Raincloud. When the claymation duo turn their hand to farming, and are unable to grow anything due to dry conditions, Ernie calls upon a cloud in the sky for help.

  • Episode 35: In Search Of Platypus

    In Search of Platypus. The claymation double-act are in search of a platypus in the Australian Outback, but instead encounter a kangaroo and her joey, who end up being quite a handful!

  • Episode 34: Maltese Ducky

    Maltese Ducky. When Bert and Ernie turn detective, their agency receives a visit from Veronica Lambshanks, whose duck friend never quacks.

  • Episode 33: Puzzle Planet

    Claymation. Bert and Ernie are astronauts in search of new worlds, and they have landed on a bizarre planet made entirely of quicksand!

  • Episode 31: Computer Bug

    Computer Bug. Bert and Ernie are computer repairmen who encounter a computer bug like nothing they've seen before!

  • Episode 31: Butterfinger

    Claymation. Bert and Ernie are secret agents. Their mission takes them to an outdoor market, where they have to chase down the clumsy Butterfinger.

  • Episode 30: Meet The Loch Ness Monster

    The pair go in search of the Loch Ness Monster.

  • Episode 29: Bird Games

    Claymation. Bernice and Rubber Duckie are competing in the Bird Games, and Bert and Ernie are their coaches!

  • Episode 28: Magicians

    Magicians. Fun claymation with the 'Sesame Street' pair. Bert and Ernie lose their magic wand after Bertini and Ernesto's rabbit disappears with it into their magic hat!

  • Episode 25: Chariot

    Chariot. In ancient Rome, Bert and Ernie become chariot racers. But they face stiff opposition as they take on Porkus Maximus and Horsus - the fastest racers of them all.

  • Episode 44: Lost Elephant

    Claymation. Bert and Ernie are on a safari in East Africa when they happen upon a lost baby elephant. Can they find a way to get the baby back to her herd?

  • Episode 24: Kung Fu

    Kung Fu. More claymation frolics. This time, the pair have to deal with a meddlesome monkey, while attempting to protect the Royal Chrysanthemum of ancient China.

  • Episode 43: Bert The Pigeon

    Claymation. Ernie hypnotises Bert into thinking he is a pigeon, only for Bert to run off into the park! Ernie recruits Bernice to help chase Bert down.

  • Episode 23: Three Wishes

    Claymation. Bert and Ernie polish a lamp they find at a Persian market - and out pops Gina the Genie, who offers them three wishes.

  • Episode 42: Get The Yeti

    Claymation. Bert and Ernie are in the Himalayas in search of a rare purple pigeon. But legend has it that the big-footed Yeti also lives in these mountains!

  • Episode 22: Cliptecs

    Cliptecs. In the claymation series for children, the much-loved 'Sesame Street' double act, Bert and Ernie, embark on a trek to the ruins of Quacku Pichu.

  • Episode 41: Amazing Frog

    Claymation. Bert and Ernie are at a county fair, where Ernie is training Froggy for the big frog-hopping event. But Froggy keeps getting distracted by things.

  • Episode 21: Wizards

    Wizards. Claymation. In this episode, Elmo joins the comedy duo at wizard school.

  • Episode 40: Walking Buttercup

    Claymation. Dog walkers Bert and Ernie have been given the job of walking Buttercup, a dog who has never been allowed out of her house before.

  • Episode 20: Rodeo

    Rodeo. Claymation fun. When the duo get jobs as rodeo clowns at a western state fair, Ernie finds himself competing with bull rider Macho Miguel.

  • Episode 19: Bakers

    Bakers: The claymation pair get themselves into a culinary pickle when their new bakery receives a huge order. They end up over-yeasting the dough, with shocking results.

  • Episode 18: Rainforest

    Rainforest. As ecologists, Bert and Ernie must preserve and protect the plants and animals of the rainforest, but a displaced beaver is causing all kinds of trouble.

  • Episode 17: Ernlock Holmes

    Claymation. With Ernie as Holmes and Bert as Watson, the detective duo must solve the mystery of Lady Lulu Quackerville's missing duckling, Lily.

  • Episode 10: Heroes

    Heroes: Bert and Ernie, posing as Super Pigeon and Rubber Ducky Man, must use their wings of steel and stretchy limbs to thwart the evil Mad Pancake, who has stolen their porridge.

  • Episode 16: Museum Guards

    Museum Guards: The duo have to stand guard at the museum, but their duties are derailed when a lady in one of the paintings asks them to help feed her son.

  • Episode 15: Piano Movers

    Piano Movers: In the claymation series for children, the much-loved 'Sesame Street' double-act must move a grand piano up the stairs in Ostrich Lady's mansion.

  • Episode 14: Invisible

    Invisible: Sesame Street's Bert and Ernie are asked to look after a little girl at a friend's house - but it's hard to keep an eye on her, as she's invisible!

  • Episode 13: Penguin

    Penguin: The loveable pair find themselves befriended by a bossy penguin in Antarctica, who enlists Bert to be Daddy Penguin. Will he be able to protect the egg until it hatches?

  • Episode 12: Knights

    Knights: More claymation fun. This time, Sir Bert and Sir Ernie come to the rescue of Princess Duckie, who has been imprisoned in a tower by a grumpy dragon.

  • Episode 11: Wild West

    Wild West: Sheriff Ernie and Deputy Bert are called into action when Clarice the Cow and Billy the Bull decide to leave Horseshoe Gulch with all of the town's milk.

  • Episode 5: Inventors

    Inventors: Claymation featuring Bert and Ernie from 'Sesame Street'. The plasticine pals create Frankie, an obedient robot who can do almost anything.

  • Episode 27: Meet The Aliens

    Meet the Aliens. Claymation. A UFO interrupts Bert and Ernie's camping trip, with two aliens on board who take an instant shine to Rubber Duckie!

  • Episode 3: Deep Sea

    Deep Sea: Claymation. Ernie cannot wait to go deep-sea diving to look for the Eight-Legged Wonder, but Bert is reluctant to join his pal.

  • Episode 27: Beach

    Beach. A trip to the beach is ruined for the Sesame Street pair when Bert's cousin, Bertina, and her friend Moose are swept out to sea by a big wave. Can Bert and Ernie save them?