Series 1 - Episode 27: Meet The Aliens

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Meet the Aliens. Claymation. A UFO interrupts Bert and Ernie's camping trip, with two aliens on board who take an instant shine to Rubber Duckie!

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  • Series 1 - Episode 3: Deep Sea

    Deep Sea: Claymation. Ernie cannot wait to go deep-sea diving to look for the Eight-Legged Wonder, but Bert is reluctant to join his pal.

    Available for 16 days

  • Series 1 - Episode 27: Beach

    Beach. A trip to the beach is ruined for the Sesame Street pair when Bert's cousin, Bertina, and her friend Moose are swept out to sea by a big wave. Can Bert and Ernie save them?

    Available for 16 days

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