Series 1 - Episode 3

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We meet a dentist who gives urgent home health care.



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  • Sam butler

    1 year ago

    Sam butler

    Surely Brenda's husband and the carers - and Brenda herself, could try a healthy eating plan instead of just doing nothing but sourcing more and more expensive kit. I understand that food addiction is a very real problem but Brenda can physically get her own food so until she can she will have to adhere to the plan..

  • Bicky

    over 1 year ago


    some interesting comments so lets take one angle what a waste of money using resources on "greedy people" so shall we stop treating people who are drug addicts, people who smoke who now have cancer the warnings are now clear on packets of cigarettes and also those who are alcholics with liver problems etc yes this is an epidemic and yes people who are morbidly obese or even obese need help and I was shocked that although the carer made breakfast and made comment about improvements in the food intake of this woman Working on the basis that the carer makes the food cereal and fruit, fruit and yogurt with some seeds or nuts, or toast and a scrape of peanut butter would of been adaquate I know that the issue is a persons right to choose but sometimes it just needs someone lovingly guiding them into good habits and if they cant mobilize to make their own food then their diet really is under the control of the carer not the person who is obese Sadly also this nation has become morbidly obese to this degree since the "low fat diet" plans existed See a book called "Fat doesn't make you fat" by Khush Mark Have used those guidelines and still am and am losing weight A morbidly obese patient who thank God can still do basic care for herself

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  • Debbie

    almost 2 years ago


    Just as there is A.A. for alcoholics, so is there O.A. for Overeaters Anonymous. It is an addiction like any other. Though I understand why people find it hard to see it as a medical problem. It the symptoms are physical- whether under or over weight or bulimic, the cause is emotional. The cure at one day at a time is spiritual---not religious. We get to the point where we know we cannot battle this addiction alone, then we ask for help from our spiritual guide,God,HP=Higher Power.Just recognising there is some thing greater than ourselves in this universe. people can take as long as they wish to develope this attitude. OA suggests you attend 6 meetings before you decide whether it is for you or not. Put O.A. into your search engine and the information will be there for you. I have gone down from 245 pounds to 170 pounds and I will lose some more. OA has saved my life. You get so much support with the people who really understand what a food addiction is all about.

  • Bob

    2 years ago


    Andy...your logic would work if we were talking about rabbits in cages being fed but we're talking about supposedly mature adult human beings who are supposedly capable of making decisions for themselves. Your attitude feeds the nanny state we have been forced into. These people are acting like children and in fact thats probably where their behavioural addictions stem from, because mommmy and daddy couldnt say no and the habit stuck! Stop pandering to them because its not helping anyone. Same with smokers, drinkers and anything else you can think of thats costing the NHS billions of pounds! @ Jane Arrowsmith - Spot on!

  • Andy

    2 years ago


    so many on here are simply racists with another name fatists, Fat it seams is still the last socialy acceptable for of abuse and marginalisation. So many people faught and died in 2 world wars for our freedom and that means all people whatever color creed or SIZE. There are so many other burden son the NHS such as alcohol smoking car crashes etc etc that to single these peope out is totaly wrong Yes obesity is an issue and yes its a growing problme but the cause is a government unwilling to tackle the real issue of cheep fast food agains expensive health food.

  • rach

    2 years ago


    i think people should stop judging all together about peoples weight what about really skinny people there just as much at risk or heart problems and ill health !! at the end of the day it is there own life and they should live it how they want im not saying its good to be fat or thin but thats how its endded up for theses poor people !! so consentrate on your own lives because u only live once end of :)

  • Dave

    2 years ago


    If these people are human beings that means that they have the ability to make decisions about their own lives. They must uinderstand that if they eat more than they use then they will put on weight. There are no reasons, only excuses for their size and other peoples sympathies only compound the fact that they blame things other than thenselves for their situation.

  • carl

    2 years ago


    me father went to school with that brenda

  • Norant

    2 years ago


    Bloody hell do some of you people think they enjoy being like this,it will take something like a family tradgedy and thats it you are requiring the same level of help that they are,these people are human beings leave them alone.

  • Leon

    2 years ago


    this program is bloody horiable these people are wasting the tax payers money because they wont stop eating. why are the police,Fire and NHS workers loosing there jobs? its because our money is being pissed down the drain on new equipment and vehicles. there loved ones should be ashamed for letting then get that fat.

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  • Roseanne

    2 years ago


    Brenda has moved into my area, I know people this size are out there but to think they live right next to you is strange. It is quite shocking when you see them. I do think its an addiction, not just people being greedy, its like a drug addict or alcaholic but these people are addicted to food! There should be more help for them like theres plenty of help for drug addicts ect.

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  • Hughster

    2 years ago


    Great programme, but absolutely every kind of weight being given in 'stone' is very irritating. Can't you give weights in standard kilograms, please?

  • claire

    2 years ago


    cant believe you watch a health care doing personal care then completes taks ie cooking breakfast with same gloves and apron on. before they are talking about infection surely need to think again

  • cinnamon

    2 years ago


    cant believe people can get to this weight and they show no regret and they just don't care how mufch the nhs is spending on them when they could spending more money on cancer treatments and health problems that are not caused my human greed

  • Lana

    2 years ago


    What people seem to forget is that people who are this obese, are probaly depressed about the way they look, and they comfort eat, its a Vicious circle. People writing horrible comments about obese people doesn't help. People need to be more supportive and understanding. NHS funds for quite alot of health problems caused by addition, drinking-smoking. Everyone should have the opportunity for a support structure. Losing weight isn't easy, it will take obese people years to lose it all, as putting on weight is easier than getting it off. Everyone needs to be more understanding on how these people are feeling, having to rely on other for simple thing, no indepence can't be easy.

  • winnie

    2 years ago


    why are you advertising KFC before & at the end of a programme about Obese people? It is this type of food that is fuelling the obesity epidemic in this country

  • tippy

    2 years ago


    Sorry I agree with Jane,she seems a lovely lady,but shes not helping herself ,come on,even the carer made her 4 pieces of white! white bread with stork??on just give her the fruit?and drinks of water not the orange juice which has loads of sugar in it.......and she can walk even if its just a bit each dayit does take yrs to get like that,and it takes years to get it off .....thy can help themselfs if they want......but with people helping them of course they easy

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  • Dr Bob

    2 years ago

    Dr Bob

    @smoky You don't know what you are talking about so give it up. It takes years and years of obuse to get like that, it doesn't happen ovrernight. they cost us and the NSH 100's and 1000's of pounds to support them where as tough love/support to get them fitter is the solution to their happiness. These people live on disability benefits, there are not disabled they are lazy. A thyroid disorder can make people overweight due to a slow metabolism but on medication there is no excuse. We are more sympathetic to people like this than ever and the results show that it does not work, we need to toughen up and be firmer with these people. What we are doing does not work, the proof is in the statistics. Inactivity kills...simples

  • butterbean

    2 years ago


    i am a nurse and I think that comments made by jane are hurtful you have no idea what these people may be going thru which makes them more susceptible to overearting i think that you should think about what u say before u say t u need to get to no these people before u kudge tyhem i have never met a ungrateful person who is obese

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  • Lesley

    2 years ago


    I wish people would find out the facts before they make such silly comments! I am with you smokey IT IS NOT ALWAYS the case that larger people over-eat!! get to know some of these people before such comments are made.

  • Lesley

    2 years ago


    some people make the most idiotic comments! smokey I'm with you it IS NOT always that people over-eat...get to know some of these people before you make such comments!!

  • Girlo

    2 years ago


    This is obcene! I agree with Jane.Its not only greed (and that it is!) but a waste on the NHS. Ask any nurse who has trained for 3years. Did they acutally train to help fat greedy people who laugh in the face of our undermanned Health Service. Get a grip and stop feeding your mouth!

  • smokey

    2 years ago


    your coment makes me so mad thease people are ill they just dont get up and say oh i want to be overweight today have a look at the bigger picture what in her life or there lives have put them that way and let me tell you its not always food so please refrain from comments like that until you know the picture

  • Jane Arrowsmith

    2 years ago

    Jane Arrowsmith

    My God that woman called Brenda repulses me, shame on her. All of the resources that have been used on her to get her out if her house and to go where???? a bigger house that she can fit in!!!! Its not rocket science, stop shovelling food down your throat then you will be able to lose some fat and start exercising to become fit. Disgusts me that taxpayers pay for this. She should feel embarrased and ashamed that she 'exists' like this.