Series 1 - Episode 4

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We pay another visit to the world's fattest man and look at the impact that diabetes is having on the NHS.



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  • Healthcare worker

    over 1 year ago

    Healthcare worker

    What some of you don't seem to understand is that once someone gets to that size, it's extremely difficult for them to lose any weight. They're always hungry, unable to exercise and often very bored and lonely. They need a tremendous amount of encouragement and support, not only in eating properly but in dealing with the emotional issues which got them there in the first place. They need our sympathy, not ridicule.

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    2 years ago



  • Bob

    2 years ago


    Jimmy Trumplington, this is not the place to make ill-informed political comments. This has nothing to do with any political party - more personal greed.

  • Jimmy Trumplington

    2 years ago

    Jimmy Trumplington

    Tuzi not everyone is blessed with the self control you so obviously possess. There are a lot of people who are like Keith; victims of the modern day on-the-go instant gratification culture where we don't have time to prepare healthy food. If anybody is to blame it is the current coalition Conservative/Lib Dem government who seem intent on ignoring the cultural issues which are suppressing the freedoms and choices of people like Keith, ignoring the inevitable consequences and then having the audacity to point the finger at the victims.

  • lyna

    2 years ago


    I fell very sorry about that do you know i aalways whach you it makes me cry

  • Skinnymalink

    2 years ago


    I just don't get it - if he can't move, WHO IS FEEDING HIM????

  • aga

    2 years ago


    Can't watch as it keeps on freezing all the time! So annoing !

  • Tuzi

    2 years ago


    Disgusting!Keith uses the excuse that his mother died when he was 16-mine died hen I was 13.I lived in a children's home and was pushed from pillar to post.I could have given in,but it made me stronger and independant,and determined to look after my body so that I wouldn't die at a young age.Stop making excuses and take control of your own life.

  • J.

    2 years ago


    My cousins is on this show, his one of the paramedics

  • J.

    2 years ago


    My cousins on this show, his one of the paramedics

  • J

    2 years ago


    Keith says the carers are the only people he sees and that he spends 24 hours a day in bed - so who is it that gets his food for him? It must take a mountain of food to keep him that big.

  • Bruce

    2 years ago


    I bet Keith has to wear a nappy.

  • Demand_FIVE

    2 years ago


    Sue, the episode won't be available on Demand 5 until it has been broadcast on TV. Check out

  • Sue Welbourne

    2 years ago

    Sue Welbourne

    Can anyone else watch episode 4 of big body squad ?. I can't ! It just won't play