Big Brother

New Big Brother presenter

Emma Willis is the new presenter of Big Brother.

Emma Willis

We're delighted to announce Emma Willis will be the new presenter of Big Brother and Celebrity Big Brother this summer. Emma has been involved with the show since 2010 and most recently has hosted Big Brother’s Bit on the Side.

I am thrilled to have been offered this job. Roll on the summer!

Emma started her presenting career at MTV in 2002 for TRL, and moved onto other shows including 'I’m a Celebrity…Get Me Out Of Here! NOW', 'T4' and 'Girlfri3nds'. She is currently hosting the Heart Sunday Breakfast show and 'The Hub' on 'This Morning'.

Emma Willis says, "I am thrilled to have been offered this job. I’m a fan first and foremost so to be able to front the show is going to be amazing. Roll on the summer!”

Comments (14)

  • Fara

    10 months ago


    She's been unfortunately boring from the start. Totally lacks personality and let's down what could b a great show. I don't feel like watching it anymore. :(

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  • Critic

    11 months ago


    she often repeats the same excited rhetoric which does come across as false like ''I love it!!'' with an over excited smile or ''I can't wait!'' and that ''ooooohhhh!'' she does and rolls her eyes is often repetitive and staged at times .I hope she decides to be herself rather than act out to drum up support!

  • daza

    11 months ago


    lets just hope she doesnt get pregnant again during the show !

  • Greg

    11 months ago


    BB needs Avid Marion

  • Rikki

    11 months ago


    Brian had no charisma. All he did was read the Autoque, and fail miserably to gain a rapport with the audience... Emma Willis will bring back the passion for Big Brother that Davina had. I hope she doesn't try to shamelessly copy Davina because she's excellent on BBBOTS and she's a superfan!!!

  • Steve

    12 months ago


    Good move for the main show, but I will miss seeing Emma every night on bbbots, I always thought it was the best part of big brother since moving to channel 5.

  • Katie

    1 year ago


    Brian's gone yay!

  • Colette

    1 year ago


    About time too! I wondered when channel 5 would see the star that was right under their nose! Brian was a brilliant contestant but a cringe worthy and rubbish presenter. Good luck Emma - keep up the good work that you started on bit on the side.

  • Joyce Herrald

    1 year ago

    Joyce Herrald

    I am delighted that you have got rid of that dreadful Brian and replaced him with Emma. The show itself is fantadtic but I and a lot of others found ourselves wincing at the screen every time he came on or spoke. I think your ratings will now go skywards. High five channel five.

  • layla1979

    1 year ago


    Thats brilliant, I hated Brian as a presenter. I love Emma and she is a Big fan of Big Brother

  • michelle

    1 year ago


    what we really want is the live feed back.

  • Sid

    1 year ago


    Brilliant. Emma is a more likeable Davina, a natural.

  • unhappybbfan

    1 year ago


    I think She will do an ok job but needs to keep her opinions to herself about the housemates. It will make no difference to me and many of us who actually presents the show as so far channel 5 have not been listening to the fans. Unless livefeed 24/7 is returned then i wont be watching