Series 2012 - Saturday 30 June

Jamie and Alice

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A round-up of Big Brother-related news and debate, with special guests, exclusive footage and behind the scenes treats.

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  • ruth

    2 years ago


    my perceptive of lydia has changed i actually like her

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  • Fee Fee

    2 years ago

    Fee Fee

    Love BB.... Soooooo glad it's back with all it's magic.

  • kay

    2 years ago


    i think we can safely say Lydia will be sticking to her dance career.... #pleasedontreleaseasingle

  • emma

    2 years ago


    channel 5 need to worry less about getting tonights BBbots videos removed from youtube and more about putting it up themselves on here so people don't have to watch them on youtube. Sort it out for gods sake!

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  • hairdresser

    2 years ago


    When was the last time JE washed his hair?