Series 1 - Fred West

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A nation was rocked to the core when 12 young women’s mutilated bodies were unearthed at the house of husband and wife Fred and Rose West.

By the late 1960s, the sexually depraved and violent Fred West had already raped, abused and disposed of several women who were unfortunate enough to cross his path, including his then heavily-pregnant girlfriend. It wasn't until he eventually met up with his second wife and life-long accomplice, Rose West, that Fred really began his trail of destruction.

After moving into the now notorious 25 Cromwell Street, later dubbed the house of horrors, Fred and Rosemary West indulged in a sexual fantasy world of their own, that would include the abuse and murder of their own children, plus the lives of many other young girls, lured to their death in West's torture chamber.

The first episode of Born To Kill explores whether Fred and Rosemary West were born to kill or whether their twisted sexual bond caused them to take so many innocent lives.

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    How many complaints do you need about your poor online players before you do something about it? BBC, Channel 4, even Itv player somehow manage to give us a decent viewing. This has stopped more than 10 times and I'm only 7minutes in. I work in an office where we watch tv all day so it is not our internet, and alot of us turn away from your channel now because it is such a bad service. Sort it out or suffer to your competitors.

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    Pyjama Girl

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    guys you should update your flash player! also try enabling cookies on - seriously people there is nothing wrong with the video! on topic - great doc! i will enjoy this series =)

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    too many adverts, kinda spoils the program however despite that, no freezing, no streaming issues, interesting insight to fred and rosemary west and they're reign of terror of those poor children and women

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    only able to play the adverts - not the programmes.

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    Froze after 30 mins. Looks like the BBC and Chanel 4 have this type of service sorted. Doubt I'll watch from this site again. Very poor!

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    I had the "freezing" problem too, but I tried watching it on IE instead of Firefox and it seems fine. Hope this helps.

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    this keeps freezing totally un watchable at 1 point it froze 6 times in 1minute!

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    nomen est omen

    It may be your version of flash player that is causing the issue and its new protected mode (look it up on the net and the workaround/fix). Good luck

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    No problems again, even with my tired old laptop and rubbish ISP.

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    Why can't find Born to Kill on playback TV?

  • Inx

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    I can't find this on playback TV?

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    the lowest form of wit

    amazing service channel 5... i salute you...

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    when is this repeated?

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