Series 1 - Fred West

Fred West

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A nation was rocked to the core when 12 young women’s mutilated bodies were unearthed at the house of husband and wife Fred and Rose West.

By the late 1960s, the sexually depraved and violent Fred West had already raped, abused and disposed of several women who were unfortunate enough to cross his path, including his then heavily-pregnant girlfriend. It wasn't until he eventually met up with his second wife and life-long accomplice, Rose West, that Fred really began his trail of destruction.

After moving into the now notorious 25 Cromwell Street, later dubbed the house of horrors, Fred and Rosemary West indulged in a sexual fantasy world of their own, that would include the abuse and murder of their own children, plus the lives of many other young girls, lured to their death in West's torture chamber.

The first episode of Born To Kill explores whether Fred and Rosemary West were born to kill or whether their twisted sexual bond caused them to take so many innocent lives.

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