Series 1 - Harold Shipman

Harold Shipman

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Following his mother's devastating death to terminal cancer in 1963, Harold Shipman dedicated his life to the medical profession, determined to help the lives of those in need.

Several years later, after recovering from an addiction to pain killers, Shipman managed to secure a position as a respected doctor for Donneybrook Medical Centre in Hyde where he spent the next two decades enjoying the trust of patients and colleagues alike.

In 1998, Dr Harold Shipman rocked the medical world to the core. He was sentenced for murdering 15 of his elderly patients, although it is believed that he could have been responsible for killing up to 200 or more.

Why was it that a respected doctor suddenly started killing off his elderly and infirm patients? Did Dr Shipman believe he was simply easing long term suffering of his patients? Or was his drive something far more sinister. Was Harold Shipman born to kill?



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