Series 3 - The Cross Dressing Cannibal (Hadden Clark)

The Cross Dressing Cannibal (Hadden Clark)

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In the 1980s and 1990s, the leafy suburbs of Maryland were hit by a pair of true crimes far stranger than anything in fiction. The culprit was a cross-dressing killer with an appetite for revenge and an unpredictable temper.

For Hadden Clark, murder ran in the family. With an older brother also convicted, might Clark have been a predestined killer?

When six-year-old Michelle Dorr vanished from outside her father's home, investigators were left puzzled and unable to find her body. While her father Carl was the prime suspect, Hadden Clark, a local eccentric with a reputation for bizarre behaviour, avoided arrest.

Six years later, Harvard graduate Laura Houghteling also disappeared without trace in a crime that carried haunting echoes of Michelle Dorr's earlier demise.

When investigators finally fingered Clark as the perpetrator of both murders, he not only confessed to these vicious killings but went on to claim that he was responsible for many more, sparking a search of the Cape Cod sand dunes where he described dumping numerous victims decades earlier. But what had driven this cross-dressing killer to commit his crimes? Was Hadden Clark born to kill?



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