Series 1 - Episode 1


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The surgical team correct the cosmetic surgery damage for five unlucky women who came out disfigured after their procedures went wrong.

The team meet Sherri who longed for a designer vagina but instead of trimming her labia the surgeon removed them. She then had filler injected in a bid to correct the damage, but this only made matters worse.

Meanwhile Claire wanted smaller breasts. After her breast reduction, she developed tissue necrosis, a rare condition which caused her them to rot, which left her with open wounds.

When Dawn had gastric band surgery and a tummy tuck on the NHS, she was left with a swollen, bulging vagina.

Following the birth of her five children, Louise had been left with saggy and misshapen breasts. A boob job should have improved her figure and given her back her confidence. Instead she has painful, lopsided boobs and an addiction to painkillers.

Sara regretted having permanent filler injected into her face when she subsequently suffered a series of infections that have left her face lumpy and distorted.

It is now up to the surgeons to try to repair the damage and restore the women's confidence. It will be painful and will take a great deal of both time and skill, but for these five women it will make all the difference to their lives.

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