Breaking Bad

  • Episode 13: Abq

    Walt's lies start to unravel and Skyler's frustration with his secrecy comes to a head. Jesse self-destructs when Jane overdoses and Donald's grief leads to tragedy.

  • Episode 12: Phoenix

    Skyler goes into labour and Jesse's addiction begins to get out of control. With both him and Jane now using heroin, it is becoming a problem for everyone.

  • Episode 11: Mandala

    Saul proposes a new business partner for Walt and Jesse, while Skyler makes a shocking discovery and Jesse tells recovering addict Jane what he does for a living.

  • Episode 10: Over

    Walt and Hank get into a heated argument at a party, while Skyler opens up to her boss and Jane tries to hide her relationship with Jesse from her father.

  • Episode 9: 4 Days Out

    Walt undergoes scans after growing convinced that his health is deteriorating, leaving him and his family waiting for news from the doctors.

  • Episode 8: Better Call Saul

    When Badger gets in trouble with the law, Walt and Jesse seek advice from a shady attorney. Elsewhere, the DEA believe they have caught up with Heisenberg.

  • Episode 7: Negro Y Azul

    Thanks to Jesse's new reputation as a killer, he and Walt are having no trouble collecting payment, so the duo discuss expanding into new territories.

  • Episode 6: Peekaboo

    Walt returns to work but finds things don't go as smoothly as he'd like, while Skinny Pete gets ripped off by a drug-addicted couple.

  • Episode 5: Breakage

    As tensions continue to mount at the White household, Hank suffers from the aftermath of his encounter with Tuco.

  • Episode 4: Down

    Walt and Jesse appear to be in the clear, but Walt is finding it difficult to reconnect with his family, while Jesse's parents kick him out of their house.

  • Episode 3: Bit By A Dead Bee

    Walt and Jesse's financial situations start to suffer when they try to cover their tracks. Meanwhile, the DEA get a break in their meth investigation.

  • Episode 2: Grilled

    With Walt and Jesse kidnapped and being held captive by a crazed Tuco, Marie and Hank try to comfort Skyler over Walt's disappearance.

  • Episode 1: Seven Thirty-Seven

    Walt and Jesse are trying to work out a way of ending their partnership with Tuco. Elsewhere, Hank tries to mend fences between Marie and Skyler.