Britain's Strangest Pets

Series 1 - Episode 1

Chris and Rocky

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In Nathan and Charlotte’s home, four camels are part of the family. He bought them in Bulgaria last Christmas, having made the journey specially and paid around £60,000 for them. They have their own passports. Breakfast is a strange scene, as the camels eat at the table with the family...

Chris has dedicated his life to reptiles. He prefers their company to that of humans. His favourite reptile is Hector, a six-foot monitor lizard normally found in Asia. Hector lives like any self-respecting urban lizard, with a heat lamp, bathing pool and a television with a remote control.

Terry’s passion is big cats. He not only breeds and rescues them but also lives with them. When they are cubs, he keeps them in the house and treats them like kittens. Terry thinks of his cats rather like his children, he is not at all afraid of them and is always sadwhen they start to show aggression as he then has to move them out to his garden or find them a new home. There are currently has 20 big cats living in his back garden, from jaguars to Amur leopards.

Ian is the person to call when you can no longer handle your pet reptile. He rescues and finds new lodgings for the ones that have become too wild for their suburban homes. He also keeps 70 reptiles at home. Today he receives a cry for help from Susan, whose two iguanas have grown increasingly out of control. Ian is only too glad to help.

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    Meet Kate's hen Floella, who goes to the hairdresser. And Janey's 17-stone 'micro-pig' who lives a life of luxury.

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