Britain's Strangest Pets

Series 1 - Episode 4

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On the remote Scottish island of Lewis lives a woman who has an unusual relationship with her horse – Stephanie Noble has moved her Connemara pony into her living room. The TV has been replaced by hay bales and there is no sofa, just a fence to keep the two-ton horse at bay.

Meanwhile Ian Newbie is back to rescue unwanted exotic animals and today he is going to take charge of two very snappy critters. He is off to a zoo to take possession of two 5-foot long caimans and take them to their new home, which is also his house. Before setting out on the trip, he cooks his family a super-sized omelette made from one of Beakie's giant eggs – Beakie being his pet emu.

Elsewhere, Grand Wizard Mystic Ed has a cat called Angelica, who uses her own mystical powers to channel spirits as well as helping Mystic Ed to see into the future.

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