Brits in Bangkok

Series 1 - Episode 1

Episode 1

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For tourists, Bangkok is an overwhelming city, but beyond the tourist trail is another world that has made Asia’s hottest city the destination for go-getting Brits. 40,000 Brits have set up home in Bangkok - a city of opportunity, where a nobody can become a somebody - where the spirit of enterprise is strong.

They’ve risked it all in moving here, and for most Brits the pros outweigh the cons – they’re suddenly big fish in a small pond – they’re achieving things they never could back home. However, alongside all the highs, we’ll be seeing a few lows as well.

Over the course of the series, we follow a colourful ensemble of Brits. People like Michael Byrne, originally from Aston Under-Lyne, who was playing for non-league Northwich Victoria before becoming the first Brit to play in the Thai Premier Football league. He now has a salary and star status he could only dream about back home, but can he hold his form and stop other foreign players stealing his place - and the limelight?

Starry eyed British dancer Leigh Barwell’s quest for fame fizzled in the UK, but in Bangkok, she’s got a successful dance troupe, and a hectic showbiz schedule. But finding decent western dancers is hard - the budgets are small and the list of client demands big.

For high flying businessman Gary, Bangkok allows him to lead a champagne lifestyle on a beer budget – he works hard, parties hard - he’s got a sharp dress sense and an even sharper tongue!

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