Build A New Life In The Country

Series 3 - Episode 14: Hexham

Build A New Life In The Country

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George revisits hard-working grandparents Terry and Marilyn as they begin the next phase of their epic battle to restore an ancient farmhouse in the Northumbrian Dales.

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Comments (2)

  • Mike

    1 year ago


    I watched the first episode last night and in my honest opinion I believe that T and M had an army of secret builders beside them while this was being filmed. I am no stranger to manual work and could easily see that they were clueless. Marilyn trying to swing the pickaxe she doesn't know how to hold the damn axe never mind work it, at the rate she was working it would take her the rest of her life to move 10 tonne assuming she lives to 70. Terry wasn't much better he used a sledge again without knowing to hold it properly to break the trusses which were clearly cut with a saw beforehand. Terry filling the cement mixer from the dumper a great way to do your back in, he should put plastic on the ground and tip the gravel onto it and then shovel it from the ground to the mixer. Their sons helping with the floor he couldn't get the wheelbarrow up the plank again it would take them a lifetime. The sons wearing runners obviously not possible to work in those conditions with runners. Terry finishing the roof purlins. all he was doing was hammering the same spot over and over when the work was clearly completed.

  • Jan Whitfield

    over 2 years ago

    Jan Whitfield

    This couple have so much energy. The bastle was lived in by my ancestors in the 18th century and maybe it was originally built by them.