Season 4 - Episode 4: Breach of Faith

Sam and Michael

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On the trail of Cobra, Fi and Jesse are in the Bahamas in an attempt to identify a body that washed up on the shore after falling out of the undercarriage of a plane. A little flirting gets Fi the keys to the morgue, where Jesse is able to pilfer the coroner's report before having to take cover in one of the refrigerated body-lockers.

Back in Miami, Jesse hands over the stolen report saying that its contents match what little he knew about Cobra, while Sam has a PO box address that the deceased was using. Jesse and Fi head off to see what they can discover.

Meanwhile, Sam fills Michael in on how his old pal Josh has run into some trouble. Josh runs a charity that helps orphans of dead military personnel. He made the mistake of taking some financial advice from a dodgy investment manager called Nick. Sam assures Michael that it will take no effort to reconnect Josh with the missing cash. Heading round to Nick's house, they arrive to find Josh's car parked across the pavement. They enter to find Nick and his wife Patty staring down the barrel of a gun being pointed at them by Josh. Things get trickier when the massed ranks of Miami SWAT teams converge on the property...

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