Season 4 - Episode 9: Center of the Storm


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It's stormy in Miami, and Michael demands a face-to-face with insane ex-Management member Simon, but needs Vaughn to get in contact with him. When Vaughn refuses, an outraged Michael takes advantage of the hurricane outside and lets Vaughn out to fend for himself...

When the storm passes, Michael visits Madeline's house, only to find Agents Lane and Harris waiting for him. A man named James Bailey is wanted dead by a Turkish syndicate and the FBI are trying to find him so that he can testify against the Turks. Bailey is being targeted by a hitman apparently armed to the teeth. Michael sets off for an arms dealer named Pano but warns the agents that they owe him.

Under pressure Pano comes clean to Sam and Michael, explaining a man named Cole came in and asked for a clean gun. When the pair arrive at Cole's apartment complex, Michael narrowly escapes an explosive welcome when he spots a bomb just in time. Cole walks in to disarm the bomb and assumes Michael is another assassin named Matt Reese, who is also targeting Bailey. Playing along, Michael tells Cole that he can help. The pair get to work, but with very different agendas. However, the uneasy alliance between the two starts to unravel when the real Matt Reese and his team show up...

Has Michael found a new ally in Cole? Will Agents Lane and Harris be in Michael's debt? And can Vaughn be persuaded to broker a meeting with Simon?

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