Season 3 - Episode 16: Devil You Know

burn notice, michael, fi, fiona, devil you know

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After escaping the explosion that killed Gilroy, Michael is forced to go on the run as the local police are hot on his trail for his involvement in inadvertently freeing his alter-ego Simon; the black-ops agent who committed the crimes used to burn him. Unaware of how ominous the situation had gotten, Michael sees his face plastered all over the news and when he comes face to face with Simon, he drops a proposal much to Michael’s despair. Things go out of the frying pan and into fire when Simon reveals his intentions if Michael did not fulfill his end of the bargain, what could the black-ops agent have planned?

Elsewhere Madeline is visited by FBI Agents who interrogate her to get information about Michael. They reveal who the real 'Michael Western' is and as they continue to press her, Madeline holds her own and refuses to talk- the agents arrest her.

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