Season 2 - Episode 12: Seek and Destroy

Episode 12: Seek and Destroy

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In the interests of intelligence gathering, Fiona and Westen decide to pay a visit to hapless arms dealer Seymour, who formerly helped them to track down Carla’s sniper rifle. Seymour is less than thrilled to see the duo and pulls a gun on them, but Westen quickly stops him in his tracks. “You are such a badass,” says an awestruck Seymour as Westen holds him in an arm lock. “It’s kind of awesome.”

Seymour agrees to comply with Westen’s demands to help him track down explosives expert Derek Poole – the man behind the attempt to blow up his apartment – in return for some martial arts tips. The enthusiastic arms dealer, keen to impress his new buddy, is soon in touch with Westen to tell him that Derek has connections with the Russian mob. He also informs him that he has traced his girlfriend and is about to have his gormless bodyguard put a tracking device under her car. “It’s cool,” he tells the alarmed spy. “I told him to just pretend like he’s tying his shoes.”

After Westen narrowly averts this potentially disastrous act, Seymour makes amends by leading him to Derek’s booby-trapped forest hideout. He agrees to provide his partners with specialised weapons for disabling the explosive devices so that they can extract information from Derek about who he is working for – but will Westen come to regret relying upon his clownish new associate?

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