Season 2 - Episode 13: Bad Breaks

Episode 13: Bad Breaks

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Westen is on the trail of the people who tried to kill him. His money-laundering pal Barry has been looking into a bank account used to pay Westen's would-be assassin. However, Westen begins to suspect that Barry is wearing a wire. As Westen gets up to leave, his archenemy Jason Bly appears. The government agent declares that he has enough evidence on Westen to see him jailed for assisting Barry with his money-laundering operation. "Barry is the brick that I will tie around your neck before I throw you into that beautiful blue ocean over there," he warns the former spy.

Meanwhile, Madeline accosts her son and asks him to help her friend Paula, who believes that she is being stalked by Tom Prescott, a man she met online. Westen agrees to help, but before he can track Prescott down, he gets a call from Paula informing him that the stalker has turned up at her place of work, an exclusive private bank. Shortly after Westen arrives on the scene, Bly appears to taunt him.

Hot on his heels is Prescott, flanked by four armed men. "This is a robbery!" Prescott announces. "Stay quiet, follow orders, or people die." The criminals, who have used a signal jammer to prevent the hostages calling for help, herd the staff and customers into a small office. Bly attempts to ambush one of the men, but ends up with a gunshot wound. Westen spies an opportunity and decides to pose as a doctor. After some persuasion, Prescott allows him to collect medical supplies from elsewhere in the building. Westen manages to distract the guard escorting him long enough to temporarily override the signal jammer and make a mayday call to Sam.

Before long, Westen overhears Prescott giving orders to his henchmen. "Everyone in the vault, now," he says. "If they've seen our faces, they die." Realising that hostages will quickly suffocate inside the vault, Westen knows he must act fast. Will Sam and Fiona come up with a rescue plan in time, or is it down to Westen and his former enemy to pull together?

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