Season 2 - Episode 14: Truth and Reconciliation

Episode 14: Truth and Reconciliation

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Westen is ambushed by a man named Claude Laurent, who begs him to help capture his daughter's murderer. Claude has a dossier of information on the killer - a former Haitian government official who fled to Miami. Claude tells Westen and Sam that the official, Jean-Pierre Duman, had his daughter killed when she dared to speak out against his late father's corrupt regime. However, Westen turns Claude down, deeming his request impossible.

The incident plays on Sam's mind, and he tries to convince Westen to change his mind. Westen eventually comes round and, having anticipated this, Sam has already done enough research to locate Duman. The duo trace Duman to an exclusive nightclub. At the same time, Sam fills Westen in on the murderer's family history. "Party boy over there ran the local prison," he says. "If anyone complained, they went there - the lucky ones were executed." Fiona is enlisted to seduce Duman, and in the process she successfully plants a bug his office.

Well aware that Duman is a dangerous man with top-notch security arrangements, Westen decides that the best approach is to pose as someone who wants to help him keep his secret, rather than as an enemy. In the process, he plans to secure the proof of identity needed to get Duman extradited to Haiti.

Westen approaches Dumas in a restaurant and addresses him by his real name - instead of the alias he is currently using - in order to seize his attention. "My name is Luc Renard," the Haitian snarls. Westen tells Duman that he works for Flintridge Industries, a company that had links with Duman's late father. Westen assures Duman that he is there to erase the links of the company - and Duman - with the corrupt Haitian regime. The criminal is on the verge of handing over the identity documents Westen needs when he drops a bombshell. "My father would like to speak to you," he says.

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