Season 2 - Episode 15: Bad Breaks

Episode 15: Bad Breaks

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Michael Westen's former fiancée, Samantha, knocks at the door of his hideout to beg for help. Naturally, Fiona and Madeline are less than impressed to discover this secret from Westen's past, but they soften when they learn that a child is involved. Samantha, who makes a living as an expert thief, was forced to steal a priceless prototype military computer chip by a gunrunner named Tyler Brennen. Tyler has kidnapped her nine-year-old son to make her comply.

After exchanging the chip for Samantha's son, Charlie, Westen attempts to persuade her not to go on the run but to stay and help him steal the chip back. The creator of the chip is about to return from a business trip, and if they cannot retrieve it before then, Samantha will be on the run from some very dangerous people for the rest of her life.

Westen's next move is to break into Brennen's home with Fiona, where they confront him and pose as enemies of Samantha. They tell him that she has taken a small part of the chip and is planning to steal the rest back from him. Brennen comes round to the idea of working with the duo, but first he insists on getting the chip tested in their presence.

Of course the chip works fine, and Brennen is furious. However, Victor arrives on the scene to spy on Westen, and the situation plays right into Westen's hands and enables him to convince Brennen that Samantha is after him. A newly paranoid Brennen installs Fiona and Sam as security officers to oversee his sale of the chip to a South American criminal gang, but their plan to have Samantha and Sam storm the delivery plane goes awry when Brennen changes his mind at the last moment. However, Sam bravely goes it alone and scares off the buyers with an armed ambush.

Without the huge cash payment from the buyers to fund his escape, Brennen is left in a position where he has no option but to hand the chip over to Westen. Can Westen and Samantha secretly return the valuable chip to its high-security home before it is missed?

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