Season 4 - Episode 5: Neighborhood Watch

Michael and Sam

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While on the trail of the elusive Cobra in the Bahamas, Fi and Jesse tracked him down to an empty house. However, the neighbourhood watch scheme was led by the highly-effective and highly trained Kendra. Not willing to tell what she knows about Cobra, the team recover an ancient tape-driven data drive from her place. But they struggle to retrieve any information from it. To get what they want from the machine, Michael comes up with a simple plan – kidnap Kendra!

Using the tape machine as bait they set up a trap, but ensnaring a trained assassin proves to be more complex than they first thought.

Meanwhile, Madeline introduces Michael to Lauren, a woman with a problem. Lauren and her husband David run a pharmacy that is attracting the attention of a big-time drug dealer who is stealing the drugs and then selling them on for a healthy profit. The team follow the money trail and discover a dealer who has come down from New York to expand his business because he owes a Mexican cartel a lot of money and they want their cash back...

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