Season 2 - Episode 8: Double Booked

Episode 8: Double Booked

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Returning home late at night, Westen finds his old special forces colleague, Larry Sizemore, waiting outside. Many years previously, Larry was presumed dead when Westen and 15 other witnesses saw him walk into a burning oil refinery just before it exploded. Larry explains that since faking his own death, he has been working freelance. He then gets straight to the point. "I want to pay you a lot of money to kill a lady," Larry tells his old comrade.

Westen is not surprised that Larry is running a murder-for-hire operation, but the intended target arouses Westen's interest. The hit is middle-aged cancer nurse Jeannie, whose rich husband is apparently dying. Westen agrees to do the job, but he has no intention of killing the innocent woman. "If a cop comes within a mile of this, I kill everybody," Larry warns him, darkly.

With Fiona's help, Westen ambushes Jeannie, and it immediately dawns on the nurse who wants her dead. She tells the spies that her husband's spoilt son from his first marriage, Drew, accused her of being an gold digger when she was written into the will. Westen has Fiona pose as Jeannie's friend and go stay with her for protection.

At the same time, she plants a bug in Drew's room. Listening in on the bug, Westen and Sam hear Drew order the hit man not to strike at his house because of Jeannie's houseguest - but the man he is speaking to is not Larry. "Mike, I don't want to hurt your feelings but it looks like you're not the only person Drew hired to kill Jeannie," Sam says.

Elsewhere this week, Westen and Sam attempt to track down the mysterious Bill Johnson, who took delivery of the gun parts. After rifling though a raft of bins, the duo locate his house. Soon afterward, Sam finds Bill's military file, which indicates that he is an expert sniper...

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