Season 4 - Episode 3: Made Man

Michael and Jesse

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The team turn their attention to sorting out some unfinished business for their new recruit, Jesse.

The investigation Jesse was working on when Michael inadvertently burned him centred around imported shipments of arms through Miami's port. Jesse had made contact with a security guard who worked there, codenamed Cobra, but he failed to show up to their last meeting. Staking out the docks, Jesse decides to step in and risks blowing the team's cover when he sees a couple of hoods beating up another security guard. After fending off the thugs, Jesse, Michael and Fiona convince the security guard, Hank, that they work undercover for a shipping company. Hank tells them the thugs who beat him up work for Tony Caro who works for a New York City mob family.

Michael agrees to take down Caro, but his first attempt to get close to his target falls short when the fake identity he uses is spotted very quickly. But Caro has his own issues, in the form of Gio, a high-ranking New York mobster, who wants to know why Tony is not making money. This calls for a new plan which involves Sam, or rather his alter ego 'Chuck', and Jesse kidnapping Tony from a night club...

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