Season 3 - Episode 14: Partners in Crime

michael, partners in crime, burn notice

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Research leads Michael to believe that Gilroy is involved with Polish agents and given their reputation for loving tasty treats from back home, Michael and Fi follow a delivery driver from a Polish delicatessen; they end up at a suspect looking building where they engage in a stake out. What will the pair find out?

Michael also enters the dog-eat-dog world of high fashion when Sam offers him a job that could earn him some cash. Their task to aid the glamorous Isabella on her mission to find out whether Tim (the vice president of her company) is diverting a chunk of the profits into his own account; leads the boys to attend the company party. The boys split as Sam riffles through Tim’s desk while Michael escorts him back to Isabella’s house for a chat; the freshly acquainted duo are in for a huge shock when they arrive.

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