Season 4 - Episode 8: Where There's Smoke

Michael and Jesse

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Jesse sets his sights on breaking in to the bank vault that was at the centre of his final case
and retrieving a safety deposit box. Madeline steps in to help test the security of the bank, but she gets caught and the guards threaten her with a spell in jail, telling Madeline that she has broken a state law. Jesse and Michael must work out how to bypass the bank's security and break Madeline out of custody.

Meanwhile, Sam and Fi have taken on a job providing security for Christian Aikins, a rich entrepreneur who is concerned that his latest invention, a super-light, super-strong lithium battery will be stolen from under his nose at a party he is hosting in his mansion. The caterers arrive but turn out to be a gang of kidnappers who abduct Christian’s wife and, after she pretends to be one of her rich pals, Fi. Stealing the battery was never on their agenda, and instead they demand $10million for each woman and they give 24 hours to raise the money...

Will Michael and Sam free Fi? What tactic will Madeline use to get herself off the hook? And what is in the safety deposit box that holds the clue to Jesse's past?

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