• Episode 12: And Justice for All

    After being found guilty, Hank is knocked out by the sentence he is given.

  • Episode 11: The Last Supper

    After being found guilty, Hank attends a 'Hank is Innocent' party before his sentence is passed.

  • Episode 10: The Trial

    Hank's trial comes to court, and no-one is painted in a very good light.

  • Episode 9: Another Perfect Day

    Hank gets kicked out of the hotel for not paying the bills, Becca crashes Hank's car, and Charlie and Marcy's attempts to behave like adults quickly disintegrate.

  • Episode 8: Lights, Camera, Asshole

    After Sasha recommits to being in his movie, Hank gets intimate with a woman he meets, only to find out that she is Sasha's mother.

  • Episode 7: The Recused

    Hank ruins Abby's attempts to hand over his case to a senior partner on the golf course.

  • Episode 6: Guns and Money

    Lawyers, Guns and Money: Comedy drama. Photographic evidence of Hank's three-in-a-bed experience with Mia and Sasha surfaces. Hank's lawyer drops him as a client.

  • Episode 5: Freeze Frame

    Hank's troubles with Mia seem to be over when she states in an interview with his lawyer that he probably thought she was in her 20s.

  • Episode 4: Monkey Business

    Hank and Charlie visit the home of a rich would-be investor who gets over excited after reading Hank's script

  • Episode 3: Home Sweet Home

    Hank milks as much sympathy as he can from Becca and Karen after a booze and drug binge is misconstrued as a suicide attempt.

  • Episode 2: Suicide Solution

    Hank may be out of jail, but he is still a prisoner of his own personal demons as he attempts to negotiate the dual demands of fame and family harmony.

  • Episode 1: Exile on Main St.

    Newly released from prison, Hank is put back into the spotlight, as it is now widely known that he is the real author of a highly successful novel that is being adapted into a film.