Series 4 - Episode 10: The Trial

californication, hank moody, david duchovny

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It is the morning of the opening day of his trial and Hank is tied in knots. He breaks off from Karen’s pep talk to go and be sick. Her advice is fundamentally – ‘Deal with it’, but the first thing he has to deal with when she drops him off at the back of the courthouse, is Mia’s dad Bill. The pair have plenty of murky history, but this time Bill can claim the moral high ground. He succinctly sums up what he is going through by asking Hank to imagine how he would be feeling if the shoe was on the other foot.

Hank’s lawyer Abby paints Mia as a confused teenager, who was struggling to come to terms with her mother’s death, and rebelling against her dad’s new relationship with Karen. Mia herself testifies that Hank was effectively her victim.

Then Charlie takes the stand, and, while trying to smooth the waters, he digs a huge hole for his friend. His tales of Hank’s japes (including the one about the time when he defecated on Bill’s car) do nothing to help the jury warm to the defendant.

Abby tries to convince the court that Hank is an ignorant, booze-addled idiot who made some bad decisions, but nothing more. But this portrait is slashed when Bill testifies that Hank met Mia before the alleged rape took place, so he would surely have known that she was a minor.

Which way will the jury see things? Will Bill’s testimony be fatal to Abby’s cause?

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