Series 4 - Episode 11: The Last Supper


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Hank is found guilty. After hearing the news, and free until sentence is passed, Abby suggests to Hank the only thing to do is to go and get drunk, which is what they do, before ending up in bed with each other.
The next morning Hank goes round to see Charlie, who is still seeing Peggy the estate agent. She suggests a bizarre game they could play to take Hank’s mind off the situation. But instead Hank takes the $100,000 cheque that has arrived for him for his work on Sasha’s dodgy horror movie and goes out and buys himself a new Porsche to replace the one Becca crashed.

After contemplating a life on the run, Hank dreams of a boring existence of bedtime stories and nights in front of the TV, but a phone call from Charlie snaps him back into reality and he arrives at the Runkle residence to find Charlie, Marcy and Karen have gathered to throw a ‘Hank is Innocent’ party.

The four old friends reminisce about the good, the bad and the ugly times they have experienced together, before Hank and Karen end up back at her place. Slow-dancing, he tells her he seriously considered leaving the country, and everyone he loved behind. She tells him she stills feels lucky to have loved him, and that they were a fairytale for a while, but since the Mia controversy life has been a living nightmare.

What sentence will Hank get? And does Karen’s future lie with new beau Ben, or old flame Hank?

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