Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away

Series 1 - Episode 4

Can't Pay? We'll Take It Away!

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In the last episode in this brand new documentary series Paul and Steve face a number of tricky challenges, as they are forced to confront a number of people who have found themselves in financial trouble.

The first case sees the Sheriffs in a shocking house repossession. The counters are running wet with water, mould is growing everywhere and a mother is living there with two very young children. As day turns to night, they make some tough choices with some unexpected results.

Next, the Sheriffs pursue a huge debt of over £25,000. This is a job that allows them to seize the debtor's possessions if payment is not forthcoming. Like many of the writs they try to enforce, this began as a smaller debt that spiralled out of control. They also chase down a debtor in a fashionable London borough who has not paid his rent. Is he a deliberate 'won't pay' or has this man genuinely fallen on hard times?


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    Paul and Steve have to evict a vulnerable pair of hoarders and a young woman with a child for rent arrears.

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