Series 2 - Episode 24: A Deadly Game

Episode 24: A Deadly Game

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While running for his life through the park at night, a man sees a payphone and makes a call. “This is Blackbird. Identification?” says the voice on the other end. “Designate 2-2-3. I am blown. I am blown… Where is the safe house?” says the caller. “Negative 2-2-3, you know the rules,” says the voice. Tearing back through the park, he is stopped in his tracks by a man with a flashlight, who brandishes a gun with a silencer and shoots the man dead.

The victim’s wallet provides no help to identify him – his gym membership is for a gym that doesn’t exist and his company, Fastwater Global Services, are registered to a PO Box in the Cayman Islands. His hire car is found to contain an automatic weapon, five thousand euros and a pen, which self-destructs after it relays a message about the details of a meeting. “Well now we know why our victim doesn’t exist,” says Beckett, “he’s a spy.”

At the meeting point specified in the pen message, after making a fool of himself with the only single woman in the joint, Castle makes contact with a Hans Brauer, who eventually cracks and tells the detectives he is just taking part in a ‘spy-cation’, in which ordinary people get to live out their James Bond-style fantasies.

Who had it in for the victim? How well does Castle take the news that Beckett and Denning are ’together’? And does she agree with Castle that this should be the last case they work on?



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