Series 2 - Episode 1: Deep in Death


Sorry, this episode is no longer available to watch on Demand 5.

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Castle and Beckett find themselves working together once again when a body is discovered, tangled in the branches of a tree. But will it be Castle's last case?



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Comments (15)

  • CastleLover1212

    1 year ago


    Love watching Castle it is best program i ever watched in my whole life!

  • Jen B

    2 years ago

    Jen B

    Why is this episode no longer available to view?!?

  • liz evans

    2 years ago

    liz evans

    O M G this is a great show Castle is gorgeous and very funny cant wait 2 watch next episode Channel 5 at its best keep up the good work !!!!!!

  • a

    2 years ago


    why is this not working, "done error on page" sort it out channel 5

  • castle and beckett from the beggining

    2 years ago

    castle and beckett from the beggining

    watched this from the begining on alibi channel so when it came to channel 5 very happy alibi is gone from season 1 to 3 and now season 4 starts on the 7th march

  • Jules

    2 years ago


    Apparently 3 seconds is all I can watch! Shame really!

  • simon

    2 years ago


    it gave me an earache because it was so load

  • Hayley

    2 years ago


    There's another TWO series so far

  • linzie

    2 years ago


    i was getting withdrawals, glad its back on.

  • Isobel

    2 years ago


    Good to see a Castle episode again and that was great. I recognized a name in the cast list at start and thought coincidence. That was fun, brief appearances by people iike that. Harry Bosch is one of my favourite detectives.

  • Beckett and Castle

    2 years ago

    Beckett and Castle

    love it so so much. Castle is amazing and funny too!! Great episode, hope there's another series after this one!

  • peter

    2 years ago


    Thought I could get this on my TV via YouTube according to your ads. Where is it?

  • gracie

    2 years ago


    The Ads play just fine but the programme freezes every few seconds, very annoying.

  • I love Rick Castle

    2 years ago

    I love Rick Castle

    hubba hubba, gonna have to get Season 1!

  • Gill

    2 years ago


    Bored so thought I would watch this, FANTASTIC, definitely will add to my list of programmes to watch.......Castle is HANDSOME too!!!!