Series 3 - Episode 22: To Love and Die in LA

Episode 22: To Love and Die in LA

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The episode begins with Beckett’s one time mentor, Mike Royce trying to escape a gunman, but to no avail. At the scene, Beckett is given a note that was found in Royce’s pocket that was for her. She is also told by Montgomery that she is too close to the case to be part of the investigation. She immediately requests to use her remaining leave and books a flight to Los Angeles, from where Royce had recently arrived, to start her own inquiries.

Beckett is upgraded to first class on the flight and takes her seat near Castle, who says that he is going to L.A. to check on how the latest Nikki Heat film is progressing. He invites her to share his two bedroomed hotel suite.

Beckett and Castle arrive at Royce’s last known address, an impressive pile, to be greeted by KISS’s Gene Simmons, who explains that he rented his house to Royce as a favour for certain deeds.

Beckett and Castle discover that the ‘dissolving’ bullet that killed Royce may have been a product he was trying to market. As they uncover an arms dealing business, they find a trail that leads all the way back to New York.

To smoke out Royce’s killer, they have to create their own Hollywood production. But is Beckett seeking justice or does she simply want revenge?



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