Series 2 - Episode 19: Wrapped Up in Death

Episode 19: Wrapped Up in Death

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Will Medina, the Indiana Jones-style associate curator at the New York History Museum, is killed by a falling stone gargoyle. Castle and Beckett discover from Medina's boss, Stanford Raynes, that Medina had recently returned from an expedition, during which he had discovered the tomb of a Mayan king named Kan-Xul.

Rachel Walters, the expedition's mummy expert, is concerned when Castle opens Kan-Xul's sarcophagus. He quickly learns why: she and the expedition's co-financier, Rupert Bentley, think that Medina was the latest victim of the mummy’s curse. A message inscribed on the entrance to the burial chamber warned that "All who gaze upon the face of the Mayan King shall be struck down by his wrath". During the dig, two expedition members had met their end, Nicole Graham from a mauling by a jaguar and the other from dengue fever.

Medina had received death threats, written in ancient Mayan script and signed CT, the initials of Mayan heritage activist Cacaw Te. He is angry that Medina had disturbed the ancient burial ground. Castle is on tenterhooks – having seen Kan-Xul's face, he could be next! Beckett cannot resist winding him up. Broken chairs, exploding coffee machines, temperamental elevators and crazed dogs – some practical jokes, others coincidences – leave him so spooked that he seeks out Cacaw Te to get the curse lifted.

However, no long-dead Mayan king killed Medina. The museum staff must know more than they are letting on. Further questioning of Rachel Waters elicits the information that both she and Nicole Graham had a crush on Medina. Rachel had kept her dates with him a secret because she was worried about getting fired. Raynes was sweet on Nicole Graham and blamed Medina for her death. Was Medina's death a revenge killing?

Castle notices that Bentley is pleased that visitors to the exhibition have picked up since the press got hold of the story of the curse. Could this be the motive for the murder?

The discovery that Medina was doing business with retired drugs trafficker Norton Grimes opens up a new line of enquiry. Grimes now deals in rare artefacts and claims to have been procuring a mummy for a foreign buyer. However, when Castle and Beckett head back to the museum to test it for drugs, the mummy is missing...



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